The Way of the Pig

by Four Hoove Death Pig

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Four Hoove Death Pig is a parody of all that is music.

...With some death metal thrown in for filler.


released September 28, 2014

Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums - Kameron Bogges

Vox - Noremak Seggob




Four Hoove Death Pig Eureka, California

Originally started in 2008 under the name "Four Hoove Death Pig" on Myspace, creator Kameron Bogges has since come forward that that he is actually not a band, nor pig, and is in fact a kid in a bedroom with instruments. There is no direction, and there is no genre. Kameron's style ranges from gangsta rap, to smooth jazz, to depressing acoustic, to metal. Mostly metal. Sorry. ... more

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Track Name: Coffee Shop Massacre
I wanna see the coffee spill like blood
from the gaping neck of a slaughtered pig
I need gicantic buttloads of coffee
right...FUCKING NOW!

I need my pot
glowing red hot
like it or not
it's all I got

I'm gunna walk in
and shoot you in the face
in the face
in the face
in the face
I'm gunna shoot you with my AK-47
in the face
in the face
in the face

I'll kill you all!
I ordered espresso!
Track Name: Child Molester Whale
His name is Lester
He's a child molester
but when he's not molestin'
he's workin' a register
at the Toys R Us
in the deep blue sea
sellin Furbies and Nerf guns to yo fam-uh-lee
But when ya leavin' yo kids to go shoppin' for Christmas
here comes Lester gun swoop up your children
he takes them out back and says they can trust him
but there's more than one back that he'll be humpin

Child molester whaaaaale!

So hide yo tuna and hide yo shrimp
cause Lesters molestin'...all of yo fish!
He's a sex offender, registered pedo
Lester's the one who kidnapped Nemo

Hid in his ship and cast out his bate
watched him swim around as he masturbates
pulled out his whale dick, one big pecker
had Nemo stroke it with his small flipper
few minutes later Lester's bout to cum
said turn around boy this is gunna be fun
The ocean turned white, and he got it on his tail
Lester's the reason why they call it a sperm whale

Child molester whaaaaale!
(Bitchin' solo)
Track Name: Pug Destroyer
I really hate these fucking pugs
with face smashed in they look so smug
I want to smash their face some more
Take them and throw them at the floor

Their little curly tail is like a pig...but not!
Their little pointy ears are like a pig...but not!!
They make snorts just like a pig
But they are not pigs!

I really hate this fucking pug
whining and crying all night long
I really hate the Chinese
for coming up with these things

These dogs come in black or white
They can't even fly a kite
There's nothing that they can do
Except taste good in some stew

I'm going to cut them up and put them in my motherfucking stew
Track Name: I Can Write a Beatles Song
I can write a Beatles song (yeaaahh yeaaahh) x9001

This is not what the Beatles sound like!

Catchy vocals!
Catchy guitaaah riffs!
Catchy drums!
Metaaal breeeaakdowns!
Track Name: ZombiePig

Pig....pig pig...pig...pig pig

These fucking pigs are also zombies
These fucking zombies are also pigs

(Gay chorus time!)
When the apocolypse was to come
No one suspected the pigs
These fucking pigs are also zombies
These fucking zombies are also pigs

We can no longer trust the pork
they used to be our friends
but now they're really pissed for some reason
I hope it doesn't have to do
with the fact that we ground up their kids
and put them into our sausage
That was a long time ago
Now we're all over it and the whole human race has gone kosher
Except for maybe bacon

Hit them with your thunder smash
Summon up your Pikachu
Gather up your Pokemon
It's the only thing to do

Watch out this pig's level 20
You've only got 12 HP
You might want to switch to Goldeen
Blind them so that they can't see

When the pigs are feeling weakened
you throw Pokeball and catch them

No one suspected the pigs
These fucking pigs are also zombies
These fucking zombies are also pigs